About Us

About Us

Mission Statement

The Sound Symphony is a unique and exciting orchestra that presents a series of concerts of great music, performed by members of the community, for the community. The Sound Symphony presents a series of outstanding programs, both of classical and contemporary composers. The orchestra seeks to encourage talented young musicians with its annual Solo Competition and its family friendly concert every January.

Members of the orchestra are all accomplished musicians, professional music educators, and professionals with a deep love of orchestral music.

Come share our passion!

Board of Directors

  • Daniel F. Millheiser, President
  • Charles Kinder, Vice President
  • Elizabeth Jaklitsch, Secretary
  • Cheryl Keenan, Treasurer
  • Cynthia Corvese
  • Christine Desiderio
  • Joseph Dornicik
  • Wendy Fogel
  • Ira Kocivar
  • David Loddengaard
  • Lynda Reynolds


  • Daria Blyskal, General Manager
  • Christine Desiderio, Librarian
  • Jennifer Haley, Personnel Manager
  • Glenn Kantor, Program Notes
  • Ira Kocivar, Historian
  • Lora Kuykendall, Stage Manager
  • Erin Pipe, Publicity