Daria Blyskal - Violinist & Orchestra General Manager


Ever since she was a little girl, Dr. Daria Blyskal was surrounded by music and the arts.

The third of four girls in the family, all the young Blyskal women were dutifully exposed to music, dance and theater and encouraged to indulge their passion for each. With two older sisters who had already actively pursued dance, piano, and harp, Daria knew she wanted to try something different. So at age 8 she asked her mother for a violin, and started to learn.

As Daria got better and better performance opportunities presented themselves and she pursued music passionately at Lehigh University while simultaneously pursing her dream of becoming a doctor like her father. It was at Lehigh that she met her husband Matt, a trombonist and pianist and together they spent 3 years playing together in the Lehigh Philharmonic Orchestra under the tutelage of Paul Chou.

Today Daria Blyskal is a board certified  family practice physician on the south shore of Long Island, but music and violin playing remain her creative outlet. Her favorite part of playing with the Sound Symphony is the camaraderie of other musicians who play together out of a love for orchestral music and a desire to share it with others.

In 2017 Daria took on the role of Orchestra General Manager, and has helped reinvigorate the orchestra by commissioning a new website and handling logistics and fundraising.